Tuesday, July 22, 2008

making it up

I was going to show Tim how to make Poulet Bonne Femme for dinner tonight, but on my way home I realised that we've only got one potato left in the cupboard. And PBF needs at least two potatoes, if not three.

So, I had a think about what we've got in the fridge and remembered that we've got a large container of leftover tomato, green bean, and potato stew left over from Saturday night ... I'll run a chicken and tomato casserole by Tim when he gets home and see what he thinks.

I'll write up a recipe as he might find that helpful.


olive oil
sprigs of thyme and oregano
1 x bay leaf
chicken pieces - we've got 3 x chicken marylands
salt & pepper
1 x onion cut in half and sliced
left over tomato paste, about a tablespoonful
red wine, about a small wine glassful
left over tomato, bean and potato stew
olives, halved and pitted


heat the olive oil in a heavy pot
put in the herbs and let sizzle for a minute
put in the chicken, grind over some pepper, and sprinkle on a little salt and brown
remove the chicken to a side plate
put in the onion and cook until softening and beginning to turn golden
stir in the tomato paste
add the chicken back into the pot
pour on the wine and stir around
add in the tomato component of the stew bring to a simmer and let cook for approx 20 minutes
towards the end of the cooking add in the bean and potato component of the stew
right at the end add the olives

serve with braised silver beet (again!)

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