Wednesday, June 24, 2009

food gardening

I went to Mum's today and came back with - from left to right - watercress, oranges and lemons, snow peas, all from her garden. She always sends me home heavily laden!

And online I've recently come across three interesting moves to support vegetable gardening:

1. The Dinner Garden -
Is an initiative aimed at providing food security through supply of vegetable seeds, gardening supplies and gardening advise to US families. The organisation buys seed in bulk, then sends it out to partner organisations for distribution.

2. Landshare -
This is an English thing - people with land to spare and people who want to garden put up a notice on the website, and find each other. Sharing! Lovely.

3. Rosalinda Peridos' project at the School for Social Entrepreneurs
A demonstration community organic garden in Claymore in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. The garden will hopefully lead to people gardening in their own backyards, holding a produce market, and eating better food.